Download Networks

The ImmuNet networks are available for download as tab-delimited, gzipped files below. These networks include all edges with a posterior probability above the prior(0.005). They are presented in the following format:

[Entrez GeneID 1] [Entrez GeneID 2] [Posterior Probability]

DownloadAntigen processing and presentationDownloadB cell receptor signaling pathway
DownloadChemokine_signaling pathwayDownloadCytosolic DNA sensing pathway
DownloadFc epsilon RI signaling pathwayDownloadFc gamma R mediated phagocytosis
DownloadHematopoietic cell lineageDownloadImmune Global
DownloadIntestinal immune network for IgA productionDownloadLeukocyte transendothelial migration
DownloadNatural killer cell mediated cytotoxicityDownloadNOD like receptor signaling pathway
DownloadRIG I like receptor signaling pathwayDownloadT cell receptor signaling pathway
DownloadToll like receptor signaling pathway